thinBasic Programming Language Tutorials

Variable declaration

Verbose syntax, brief syntax + initialization, ... use the way you like.

Load a whole file into a string variable

String variables are very flexible, powerful and easy to use in thinBasic

Functions and Subs

Any number of functions and subs with up to 32 parameters each

Console Hello World

A classic :-)

Check if a site is alive, ping it

Some easy networking tasks

Ultra fast string handling

Some classical string functions like Left/Right/Mid have FAST version thousand of times faster than classical version

Create an ActiveX web browser to show data using Google Charts

Complex task ... easy way

... and here ActiveX web page execution

Creates dynamic charts on the fly

Complex script tutorial

Full tutorial script with source code ...

Tutorial example running

Tutorial script execution

Windows complex dialogs like grids ...

Windows with grids are quite complex but with thinBasic is is not a big problem

A simple spreadsheet like grid execution

No much code is needed to create quite complex user interface components

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